PRISONERS ~ A Grey Matter Media Production
Vatruvian Android
Director's Notes

When Patrick and I first got together to discuss bringing this play to the stage he showed me a rough outline of the script. What I read that day was an unfinished, very cerebral collection of quotes and concepts centred on social scientist Stanley Milgram's experiments regarding the human capacity for obedience to authority. These notes were not yet a script, but the dramatic possibilities inherent with the Milgram Experiment were intriguing, so Patrick eagerly set out on a campaign of re-writes, in search of a script. And the journey began.

The process encompassed open readings, auditions, many rehearsals, and ongoing discussion and script analysis. It was truly a group effort which provided equal parts frustration (when it didn't work) and exhilaration (when we found ways to make it work). Gradually, the focus shifted from concepts and ideas about responsibility, to characters and the events that shape their lives.

The result is a unique, challenging, technically innovative play, which tells the story of characters that are not whole, and desperately need each other in order to become complete.

I believe our audience will be engaged, entertained and, if we have done our job properly, compelled to examine the level of wholeness in their own lives.

Dan Paterson
August, 2000