The Grey Matter Media Theatre Company

PRISONERS ~ A Grey Matter Media Production
Vatruvian Android
Patrick Jennings ~ Playwright/Producer

Patrick has been writing rapaciously ever since he stopped programming computers for a living sometime back 1994. His introduction to writing for the stage was a small contribution to Judy Price's play, Weighting To Get In, which Penniless Theatre produced for the 1998 Vancouver Fringe Festival, and in which Dan Paterson played a principal role.

While Patrick has been publishing his writing for years on the internet, having his words brought to life on stage was something of an epiphany. The emotional impact a live performance wrings from mere words on paper had him hooked. At that point, PRISONERS became inevitable.

As the producer, Patrick is delighted to be working with the extraordinarily talented and seasoned professionals comprising this company. As the playwright, he is indebted to every one of them for bringing the emerging characters and story to life, often in anticipation of the words he sets to paper. He may be holding the pen, but the story which flows from it is not his alone.

To discover more about Patrick, the writer, visit his online travelogue, the eJournal. This is a compilation of travel stories, essays and other scribblings written during his journeys through Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

For a taste of Patrick, the photographer, try the Picture Gallery which exhibits over 1000 images from those travels. Some of these photographs are available to purchase through the commercial version of this gallery, Suitable for Framing.

And if that's not enough for you, there's always this rather old bio.