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Troy Yorke ~ Actor
PRISONERS ~ A Grey Matter Media Production
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Troy Yorke gets rave reviews for his performance as The Guy in "Urban Myth" at the
1999 Vancouver Fringe Festival


"Troy Yorke is charismatic and engaging..."

~ The Peak


"…it is Troy Yorke's performance as the main character that stands out. Yorke handles his character's wild antics, erratic moods, and skittery movements expertly and believably. Even more impressive is that Yorke manages to maintain this believability throughout his character's cocaine high when his monologue suddenly turns from being wild to being simultaneously barbaric and poetic…"

~ The Ubyssey


"Like its main character, a motor-mouthed guy who lives in a dumpster, the show [Urban Myth] is tight, funny, and smart. It could go a long way just on the crazy, fucked-up charm of this fellow [Guy] - played to loopy perfection by Troy Yorke."

~ The Georgia Straight


"Troy Yorke is by far the strongest member of the cast, and thankfully it's his string of obscenity-laden bon mots that dominates Andrew Wong Elliot's script. Yorke's vivid evocation of his character… does help highlight the strengths in a story where the twists and turns of who is out to con whom keeps us on the edge of our boxes [seats]."

~ The Vancouver Sun