The Grey Matter Media Theatre Company
The Script
PRISONERS ~ A Grey Matter Media Production
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Grey Matter Media ~ Mission Statement

Grey Matter Media exists as a response to the old expression, "The press is free only for those who own one." The digital age has changed the publishing landscape, possibly forever. Now that just about anyone in Canada can access a computer, log onto the internet and setup a free website, the press is free only for those who choose to publish. This is our choice.

All this is the intention of Grey Matter Media. To create, to question, to enable, to challenge, to produce, to participate. All this and more.


Since 1994 Grey Matter Media has been primarily a vehicle for Patrick Jennings to publish the text and images created and collected during his travels through Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. However, as with all journeys, the path provided options to branch out, and expand.

One fork lead to the formation of Suitable for Framing, an online commercial photography gallery. Suitable for Framing's mandate is to provide affordable online exhibition space and commercial representation for fine art and travel photographers.

The second fork leads into uncharted territory, to theatre, to the stage. This represents a new beginning for Grey Matter Media. Not simply a change of of medium, but also of audience and audience expectation, and a change of creative process. Grey Matter Media is no longer a one-man show, but a collaboration. This play, PRISONERS, would be a lesser work were it not for the varied and significant creative influences each member of the company brings to Grey Matter Media.